Release Sept 19, 2022

Stash Alone – Rock solid pain

The Swedish guitarist, singer and songwriter Stasch now finally release his long simmering debut album Alone. The hard rock album has been years in the making and more than just tunes and a bunch of songs, Alone is a journal pulled from Stasch own personal experience, a memento from a past that has deep meaning to him.

You can literally feel it has been gearing up for a while and the songs and messages emerge from the very depth of Stasch. Each of the 8 songs is an interpretation of a scatted soul and the overall set explores emotions like passion, love, frustration, struggle, loss, loneliness and acceptance. Does it hurt? Hell, yes!

Stylistically, it’s an elegant and bold work, encompassing elements of rock and hard rock from the early days to modern, and freely blending them into a rock solid whole. A lot of hard work and dedication has been put on this album, and the resulting factor is a mix of classic hard rock and so out of the box. Alone is definitely a musical trip worth taking, where Stasch pours every once of his  devotion in each song and sizzling slide guitar lick.

Regarding the musical direction of his debut, Stasch says: ”It’s a hard rock album with a tip of the hat to the artists that influenced me the most in my life. Still it’s not your standard fare or typical metal thing. It’s a new journey that sounds like … nothing else. I think it´s going to surprise most people – in a good way, and I´m actually thrilled to finally be able to share my music!”

Alone – Album

The album will be available on Spotify and iTunes Sept 19, 2022.


Lyrics & Music: Roting
Vocals & Guitars: Roting
Drums: Mikael Wikman
Mikael Wikman Drum Studio
Mixing & Mastering:
Bengan Andersson at Nordic Sound Lab
Produced by: Roting

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