Stasch is a Swedish guitarist, singer and songwriter. Since the early days he has been playing in cover bands. Years ago he started writing his own music but it was not until now that he finally decided to have his first solo-album produced.

Stasch says: ”As a youngster I started playing the organ in a band covering mainly punk rock songs. We took it seriously but never far. It didn’t matter, the amount of energy on stage was unprecedented and my passion for rock-music was born.

Later on I switched to the guitar and as my musical knowledge expanded so did my goals. I got in touch with this really skilled teacher and for the first time I took guitar lessons. As I progressed, my focus turned more to the UK/US hard rock bands. I also Ieft the cover bands behind me starting to write my own material. It was a struggle at first, but once I discovered my own “voice” it jump-started my creativity.

After writing enough songs, I recorded a demo, facing the fact that my singing skills weren’t good enough. So, I continued my efforts by learning mainly techniques for opera singers. Meanwhile I wrote some more songs, re-record the previous ones and engaged musicians for the recording.

Finally I was able to release my first rock/hard rock album. Through the years I have realized that the dark days of life is the voice for my musical expression. From the opening lines of the first verse to the end of the final chorus, all 18 songs keep a core of sadness.”